img_20160620_181603.jpgby Sandra Brown

I’m…. I can’t… I want.. I.. hmmm..

I don’t know where to begin this review. Really.. it’s… amazing…

After I finished the last page, I literally raised both my hands, smiling like an idiot and say “ganda!” in my language which translates to “beautiful” in English.

While I’m reading this, I remember when I was still in high school and assigned as the editor of the school journal — which means, my adviser did mostly the editing… -_-” I am her apprentice. After that year, I noticed I really like writing. anyways..

It really amazed me that the writer writes about a writer that writes about the writer. (Ha!) and the plot, the characters. At first, its really so-so to me. But came to the middle of the book, and last pages, really… amazing..

The only part that still bugs me is, I can’t imagine Parker’s face. You know.., the description.. I can’t imagine his face. The aftermath of this story is after I finished it 2 days ago, I still think about it. What happens to the characters in the end.. and the original title of the book…


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