Am I currently exceeding expectations?

That is the first question to ask if you feel like quitting, moving on or just bored and your only solution is to move on — maybe resignation or request for another project?

I am currently doing another role but since I always get easily bored, I asked management to have another role where I can help. So now, I have two roles, Scrum Master/Lead on a team, and Technical Architect of the same team (for now, I can be assigned to other teams). I asked for it because I am getting bored of being Tech Arch i want tangible results but what we’re doing that time is more on documenting and asking people and talking to other people, but senior members mostly do it since I am new and my level is not their same level. (I’m Level10 and their like Level8 & up).

If I were to honestly assess myself, and basing it on the feedback I got from my manager and sr. managers, I already exceeded. That’s one of the reason I’m getting bored now and I want new challenge. But the other role, I am still learning. I want to be a very good Tech Arch, the type that you will just state to me the problem and i can formulate the solution? But I’m working on staying optimistic. I want the team to be the first in everything (isn’t it a little over the cloud?) but if I don’t set bold expectation for myself, there’s no urge on fulfilling it right?

Anyway.. since I can answer this question as Yes, then I will proceed to the next question…….


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