The Switch

by Sandra Brown

The author is very familiar, don’t get me wrong… But I am not her fan until I read this book. The book caught my attention while browsing Booksale (2nd hand bookstore), because it is gold.. as you can see…


yep! gold. And the first thought that came to my mind is.. who is going to switch?

And read the back, yes about the twins. and yes identical twins. and yes, they’re going to switch. hmm.. typical huh.

But what hooked me on the story is that this is not the typical love story you will read, it has a bit of stuff that will make you think what will happen. And before the story ends, it made me (WHAAATTT!!??) though there are hints in the last chapters that you think you know what will happen next.

And the police report… oh that small detail in the police report…. made me think “What is it???”

well played SB.. well played…


PS: because of the story snippet on this book, I went and find her other book Envy.


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