Positive Response in a Negative Situation

How hard could it be?

Super H-A-R-D!


Yes. This is hard.

At first, I thought, after observing and reading a lot of leadership related books, posts and basically everything leadership related, this will be easy. Then came a time in my career (just recently..) the test was given.

Delayed development, people are MIA and always late, there’s no direction, plans disregarded, MDs asking a lot about the release, tight schedule, over commit, architecture review in the middle of the release and unplanned and the likes…

And then come my manager that was stressed out. I was a monster. I am stressed out. I see and feel negative about everything and everyone. Whenever I talked to people, the harsh questions, the tone of my voice..(sucks huh..). After waking up one morning, I remembered this phrase, and ask my self, how will I respond positively in this negative situation? Why am I letting this negative situation influence me? I’m supposed to be the middle man here, I’m supposed to be helping my team, lighten their burden not adding to it.

Admittedly I wasted 2 weeks of energy being a negative monster, I realized that this is not where and what I want to be. I want to be the leader who will influence others to do more than they think they could. I want to be the leader who will fightΒ withΒ them not against them.

So the first thing I did? treat them for an ice cream. πŸ™‚

It’s a small thing I know, but they know it’s something from me. Me? a thrifty one?? (of course! I have a kid!) and to feed the 30 developers/testers? yeah..that big..

Well, ice cream because it’s hot here in Manila, and to cool down myself. And after that, I know I need to do something. I rolled up my sleeves, and help my team. My enthusiasm is back. I love my job. <- what I whisper to myself when something negative happens.

The development is still in progress, to be released by next weekend, but still I can see now lots of positiveness. Junior resources performing beyond the expectations, junior resources that has a potential to be a lead, senior resources that shines, and much more.

Yeah, pretty much don’t let the negativity get on your way. There’s always a silver lining. And also, I am progressing, I think, because I am struggling.

‘Till next time…..


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