Do it Afraid. Take your life to success.

Browsing on my wall in Facebook, I stumbled upon this certain post from my favorite author/speaker (of course! :P). Someone from his team said this, Do it Afraid, and take your life to success.

After I read this short sentence, that’s when realization hits me. I know that SuccessΒ = getting out of your comfort zone, but easily said than done. As I continue pondering on this matter, I just realize that there are so many opportunities that passed by because of my fear. I thought that when I felt afraid, I will not make it.. that I will not perform well. I am so afraid of what will happen and I was blurred by my fear and negativity that I didn’t see that as chance for me to learn new things, to grow….

If only I understand it then like I understand it now, then I will not feel like I let soooo many opportunities passed my by.

but what to do, but to look forward and move forward.Β Having this on my mind, I think I will not let opportunities pass me by just like that.. Aja! πŸ™‚


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