Role vs. Paycheck

I’m a typical employee. A same thinking with everybody else. Until yesterday.

Since I started working, my initial thinking was, “My paycheck is equal to my workload.” I’m okay with that until I was given a bigger role. And I think, still think that this role is 2 level up on my current level at work. Given that, I have a mixed emotion. I promised myself to “always see the silver lining in every dark cloud” and “in every difficulty lies opportunity” kind of thinking? so you know, i accepted it.

I’m not bragging but I’m good at coding and I am not, i repeat, i  am not a people person.. really.. that is one thing I really think is hard to do. How can you impart positivity if you yourself is a negative person huh? anyway… back to my role vs. paycheck..

So my thinking was my paycheck should always be equal to my roles and responsibilities. But then, someone told me that it’s not the correct mind set. (I know there’s something wrong in there but i can’t point it out).

To explain, i should think that I’m currently being trained to perform bigger roles,which entails bigger paycheck right? It’s not right to expect a bigger paycheck without sweating on it first. You know, you have to show them that you can do the work of a manager before they give you the salary of a manager? Upon contemplating this, i see it now. Why do i expect they’ll give me a “managerial salary” if my contributions and skills are not yet managerial?

You know, if we want better things to come in our way, we have to make it work, i have to sweat on it. Now that i’m telling you this, I’m solidifying my belief that there’s actually no “luck”.. You create your “Luck”. If in every situation you can see every opportunities, then you’re “lucky”. 🙂

oh…positivity will  change the world.


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