Attitude can make or break….

Twice I wrote about how powerful one’s attitude can be. Having read so many axioms about attitude, the most I ponder was Attitude can make or break you. At first of course for me it’s cliché, heard / read that so many times not until today that I finally understood how important one’s attitude is.

Then i read that your attitude determines your success or failure in life. Yeah, come to think of it, it is how we think determines if we’re okay or not. When presented with the problem, how are you going to see it? is it a challenge for you? or is it a hard work to be done?

I really like this : In every difficulty, lies opportunity. It really made me think how and what to think when presented with problems.

I am not really a people person. I really believed for the span of my professional career that I’m not capable of being a manager. So I resolve myself to being a developer, or business operator someday… really not managing people. I am  like an open book, if I get annoyed? yes, you can see it on my face! I can’t do poker face, I am tactless and by means no filter at all, so I get people offended most of the time.

Then I was deployed to this project that I found hard to handle, no process,  no quality management, etc. I am really lost and after a week, I don’t like it there. Then, i was task to do the Project Management role and poof! I went crazy!! (until now).. But then, thinking about that line, I talk to myself, saying this is my training ground. This is where i can find the skill on people management.. its still struggle..  really.. but then, I’m trying everyday to see this as an opportunity..

Hopefully you, might find opportunity on your current difficulty 🙂

Happy Holidays!



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