The Power of Attitude 2

“How you react to life’s twists and turns makes all the difference.”

I agree with that. Read that from the book that I was reading 2 days now (nah.. It’s a love & romance not the self-help one).. Anyway, after reading that sentence? Yeah it hits me. It’s attitude.

How many times in my life that I chose to react over my emotions rather than stay calm, collected and think through? That I laugh at those tips to inhale and exhale when they get angry cause I only see them in movies not in real life? How many times do I let my emotions control me?

You see, God put our brains on top of our body to show us that we should think first before we talk, to understand first before we judge. When something happened, how do we react? Is it calm and collected? Or we go emotional? (i go with the latter most of the time). You see, it’s really hard. When something negative happened to us, it’s so hard to analyze the situation. One thing I learned but not doing it often (emphasizing not doing often) is to think slow.

You know when someone is saying bad things at your face? I start imagining I’m a different person and try seeing the whole situation at somebody’s view? Twilight zone right? But that moment will give your brain to think for a moment, analyze and tell yourself to be calm, think and ask the WHY. Why is he like that? Why is this happening? Then follow that question with the WHAT. What can I do?

It’s tedious right? But it’ll help.. A lot.. I’m just hoping that I am a very disciplined person to religously do that.. Hope we can do that.

“You’re only an attitude to success.” – John C. Maxwell


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