The Power of Attitude

Ok.. So now I’m writing because something pops.. Hopefully I can buy a new laptop so that I can write on the spot.. (haha.. Looking for reasons to buy a new one.. :p)

I have a problem. My Attitude.
I think this is everybody’s problem.. Yeah you.. It’s your problem too.. Probably you’re thinking highly of yourself your doing “me-c’mon-seriously” thing or something. But yeah see that? Our attitude when someone sing praises to us and our atittude when someone bashes or say something negative to us.
Ok, so what’s attitude? By definition MWD “a feeling and thoughts about something or somebody. What is the power of attitude?
Since what we think becomes what we are, a positive attitude is a very powerful tool to make everything in us, within us and around us a success. But… the catch is.. Its hard.. So… When I find something that works for me, I will share it. As for today, the quote that divert my thinking whenever there is something hard, or negative that comes my way is from Einstein “In the middle of a difficulty lies Opportunity“.


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