Leaders are made Not born

These past few days, I’ve decided I wanted to become a leader.. I mean a real leader. Then waking up this morning, a popping thought came to me: “Leaders are made Not born”. I don’t know where did I read this, but since I am currently contemplating it, here I am, sharing my thoughts on this blog.

Leadership is made of effort. And lots of it if I may say. Being a leader I think is not an easy task. You must make an effort to change yourself.. your bad habits. Yeah, everybody has one..or more.. (not only me! :P). But how hard it is to change the things that we made to habit doing? (it’s really really hard). If I were to become a real leader, I need to put an effort to improve myself, those things that I’m good at? innovate! those things that I’m bad at? (mind you, its too many to mention here..) I should work on them, try harder if not hard, for them to be my strength.

Leadership is influence. During my.. actually still.. young career days, I thought that when you’re good enough, got promoted if not every year, every other year, you are one helluva leader! yeah! WRONG! True leadership is how can you influence others to go make an effort to change themselves. It is not the position, the title, but the influence you made to someone’s life. You know, just to share, that person in your team that annoyed every minute of every day? yeah that one! How can you influence him/her to make an effort to change for the better? Can you?

Leaders are not made overnight. It is a lifetime journey. For me, true leaders are continuously educating themselves and improving themselves to become a better person. That is why I say, being a leader is a very difficult task. For me, I started this journey by reading a lot of books. hehe! As per my favorite author, John Maxwell said “Leaders are readers.” On my opinion, you can learn a lot by reading, but not only reading, you have to apply what you’ve read. Knowledge without action is really worthless. You have to act on that knowledge. Being a leader is tough, but I took my first step (through reading..). It is a first step after all..

** as I continue to pursue my dream to become a leader, I think I will add more items on this post. Share yours! πŸ™‚


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