If I only knew then what I know now..

I write this post to share the “if I only knew then what I know now” things and also to be a reminder to me because honestly? we humans tend to forget..

1. There’s always a Silver Lining. Yes, in the past I didn’t believe it or rather didn’t see it in each and every bad situation I’m in. But this is true, however, you can only realize this after the storm had passed. On my experience, at the lowest point of my career life, you’ll become bitter and more bitter if you think of it negatively. You can grieve and even be a b***h about it but afterwards, ask yourself the Why and What. What I thought was, this experience can make or break me, will this make me a bitter person for the rest of my life? or make it as stepping stone and become better? I chose the latter.

2. Learn how to Fail Forward. Having read the Failing Forward book of John Maxwell doesn’t guarantee that I understand all the contents of the book. But one thing’s certain, we all have to learn how to fail forward. How can we, human beings, learn how to handle setbacks, rejections and failure? School surely didn’t taught us this, but since you’re now reading my post, how can we learn as well as teach our children how to fail forward? I suggest reading John Maxwell’s Failing Forward (hehe so much for promoting my favorite book! :P )

3. Be thankful for the blessings you received today. Even if today you receive a bad news (low rating perhaps?) or today is just a bad day (delayed deliverables?), we all need to learn from it. When we receive bad news, humans tend to self-pity and bias. “I don’t deserve this!”, “Why is hers much nicer than mine??” and I can see every little mistake and continue comparing myself to others why I should be alpha and they are not. I keep comparing and comparing and comparing. I see past my own blessings because of I always keep an eye to my neighbor’s. Then this facebook post hit me, and promised myself to have this motto in life, “The only time you will look on other’s plate is to check if they have enough NOT compare if you have more on your plate than them.” This is a powerful lesson in life (for me) that I should instill on my daughter.

4. Work on what you have today and improve it. Actually, I don’t know how to open this item but let me explain. I just realize today,  we all have certain set of skills and talents that are unique to each one of us. Sometimes, when you look at your friend, more often than not we compare ourselves to them leading in a non-positive way of thinking. What I learned is that, there is something behind what was given to us today. In our career, maybe you are expecting to get promoted then suddenly you’re not, we tend to get bitter, comparing, and think we don’t deserve this. But hey! Maybe because you lack of something (even if we believe we don’t. ha! super bias :P ) that’s why it happened. Or sit back and think for a while and you’ll realize that it is just an “eye opener” for us. (You know, we humans are super duper bias). Instead of being bitter and mean and envious, (w/c I experienced by the way..) it’s better to analyze your thoughts, recollect and look at what you currently have (set of skills, talents) , your strengths and improve it. (Nah.. there’s always room for improvement.. don’t give me that “I know it already!”). Familiar with the saying “You’re weaknesses becomes your strength.”? me too, heard that but don’t really understand it..really.. But one thing I learned, where you are weak, you must improve that aspect of yourself, and it will become your strength. After working on that, another weak spot will appear, then do again the cycle… see, not only you become more stronger, but you acquire lots of skills, and knowledge and maybe you can share with us how did you overcome those weaknesses.


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